Life Size Animatronic Lion Model for Sale




Life Size Animatronic Lion Model


2.5 meters in length, 1.5 meters height, containing a base


Open mouth roaring, head left and right, neck up and down, tail wagging.

Customization options

The lion's posture, size, design, color, and vocalizations.

Application scenarios

Zoos, museums, park animal exhibits, children's playgrounds, toy model stores.

This animatronic lion model is crafted to the true proportions of a lion, featuring a steel framework internally and equipped with a DC motor. The lion’s shape is sculpted using sponge, and after coating the exterior with silicone, realistic fur is attached. It possesses an authentic appearance, realistic texture, and can simulate various lion movements. Suitable for display in museums and zoos, this model allows children to explore this fierce predator up close without any safety concerns.

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