Typically, the animatronic animal products we create consist of both prehistoric and modern animals. An animatronic animal is a handmade animal model crafted according to the real proportions of animals or data documented in scientific literature.

We use a steel frame and attach high-density foam to it. Then, using craft knives, we sculpt the shape of the animal and coat its surface with a thick layer of silicone. The silicone gives the animatronic animal model a soft, realistic feel, similar to actual skin.

At the same time, we install motors on the internal steel structure to drive the animal’s movements. Together with our control system, these motors allow the animal’s limbs to move just like a real animal.

For animals like lions and tigers, which have fur, our skilled technicians also apply real animal hair to the surface of the animatronic animal model. This enhances the realistic appearance and texture when seen and touched.

Common examples of animatronic prehistoric animals include mammoths, woolly rhinoceroses (Coelodonta antiquitatis), and saber-toothed tigers (machairodus). Common examples of animatronic modern animals include lions, tigers, elephants, crocodiles, and more.

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Products Description

Size:   Life size / customized Lenght 1~20M (3 feet~65 feet, scale hight by length).

Color:   Realistic color / Customize all kinds of color schemes.

Control mode:   Infrared sensor / Remote control / Coin operated / Timer system.

Certificate:   CE,ISO9001,BV,TUV SGS.

Power Plug:   110/220V 50/60Hz, Euro plug / British Standard / SAA / C-UL / Depends on standard of your country.

Material:   Steel frame / High density sponge / Brush or brush-less motor / Quality silicone / car-painting.

Warranty:   24 Months (After the warranty, we can provide life-long repair service in cost price).

Accessories:   Control box / Infrared sensor / Integrated Metal Base / Speaker / Artificial fiberglass rock

Movement options:    Mouth open & close with sound synchronous / Head turn up & down / Eyes blink / Trunk wiggly / Ears flapping / Neck turn left & right / Front claws scratch / Stomach breathing / Tail moving / Neck wiggly / Spray water / Spray smoke / Wings open & close / LED lighting eyes & mouth & nose / Tail wiggly / Body rotating moving / Tongue stretch & withdraw.

Animal exhibits have become a popular marketing activity in recent years, much like the thriving trend of animatronic dinosaur exhibits. They effortlessly draw crowds, grab attention, and can greatly contribute to the success of your marketing efforts.

These guys come to life when powered on, with movable limbs and roaring mouths. They are designed to withstand rain and sunlight, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays.

As a result, you can often find them in places like zoos, museums, commercial attractions, parks, and amusement parks.

Animatronic animal products have low production costs and require simple maintenance. With a small, suitable space, you can easily host an animal exhibit and generate revenue.

We use high-quality materials and adhere to rigorous quality control processes. Therefore, all our animatronic animal products are durable and long-lasting.

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Endangered Animal Models in Museums

These animal models are often used in museums to showcase the endangered animals we have lost or are on the verge of losing. They serve the purpose of educating and raising awareness among visitors about the need to protect the environment.

Unlike ordinary animal specimens, these models can move and make sounds, leaving a more profound impression on visitors and enhancing their overall experience.

Animatronic Animal Models in Animal-themed Amusement Parks

You can create an animal-themed amusement park at any time and place animatronic animal models alongside play structures or other amusement attractions. This allows children to immerse themselves in a gaming environment surrounded by animals, making them reluctant to leave, and parents will feel that it is worth the visit.

In addition, animatronic animal models are also ideal for decorating animal-themed restaurants, shopping centers, schools, and other venues.

The goal is to provide people with a safe and up-close encounter with animals, allowing them to experience the presence of animals while serving as an excellent marketing tool.

If you have concerns or questions about organizing an animatronic animal exhibition, worry not!  Contact us immediately, and based on our years of experience, we will provide guidance and offer basic business plans for your reference.

Steel frame welding

Welding the Skeleton

Wrapping sponge

Wrapping the Sponge

Carved appearance

Sculpting the Shape

Create skin lines

Creating the Texture

Fabricating the Skin

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