Custom Robot Tiger Animatronic Models for Zoo Decoration




Lifelike Robot Tiger


Lenght: 2m, Height: 0.6m, Any size can be customized.


Head rotation, neck tilting, blinking eyes, roaring mouth, and wagging tail.

Application scenarios

Zoos, museums, science centers, movie filming, stage performances, theme parks, and amusement parks.

Power Specifications

Compatible with both 110V and 220V (suitable for global voltage), maximum power 500 watts.

Activation method

Infrared induction or customizable options like coin-operated or remote control activation.

The lifelike tiger model is handcrafted using real animal images or reference pictures. High-quality synthetic or real animal fur is carefully embedded into the skin, followed by meticulous hand painting to achieve a true-to-life appearance. The tiger models are created to be either life-size or proportionally scaled, showcasing incredible realism with impeccable attention to detail, making them virtually indistinguishable from the real animals.

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