Realistic Silicone Animal Models Animatronic Sea Turtle




Silicone Molds Animatronic Sea Turtle


Height 1 meter, width 1.1 meters, including base


Blinking eyes, opening mouth to shout, paddling with limbs, moving head left and right

Customization options

Movement, size, posture, color and sound and light effects.

Application scenarios

Aquarium, water park, zoo, simulated animal exhibition

This sea turtle model boasts intricate textures, depicting the creature as it lies on a rock, making swimming motions with its limbs. When the mouth opens, it emits a lifelike sound, adding to its charming and adorable demeanor. The key feature of Silicone Animal Models is their ability to intricately sculpt a lifelike exterior, while the internal motors and transmission structure simulate the animal’s movements. The skin is crafted from silicone material, providing a soft and realistic touch.

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