Animatronic Prehistoric Animals – Hezheng Sheep Model




Animatronic Prehistoric Animals – Hezheng Sheep


Length 2 meters, height 1.5 meters


Head left and right, neck up and down, blinking eyes, wagging tail, opening mouth and barking

Customization options

Movement, size, posture, color and sound and light effects.

Application scenarios

Museums, science and technology museums, zoos, various animal exhibitions, parks

We have successfully recreated this extinct prehistoric creature based on the graphic and textual information provided by the client. Utilizing materials such as steel, foam, and silicone, we meticulously reconstructed the creature. The outer layer features simulated fur, adhered for a lifelike appearance and a pleasant tactile experience. Not only does the model boast a realistic exterior, but its internal motors, in collaboration with our control system, enable a range of authentic movements.

These prehistoric animals are perfect for showcasing in natural history museums. If you also have the need to recreate ancient organisms for museum displays, please feel free to get in touch with us.