Realistic Animatronic Quagga Model for Animal Exhibition




Realistic Animatronic Quagga Model


Curve length 2 meters, height 1.4 meters


Shaking head, opening mouth to bark, blinking eyes, wagging tail

Customization options

Size, movement, color, sounds and lighting effects, etc.

Application scenarios

Paleontological exhibitions, zoological museums, science exhibitions, zoos, animal theme parks

The Realistic Animatronic Quagga Model is a lifelike animal replica created by referencing textual and visual information from popular science books. We utilized high-density foam to sculpt its form, applied a silicone coating to reinforce the skin, and attached synthetic fur for a realistic appearance and authentic touch. When powered on, the model can perform various movements and emit sounds, making it suitable for paleontological science outreach exhibitions and natural history museum displays.

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