Custom Animatronic Little Elephant Models for Park




Lifelike Animatronic Elephant Models


Straight line length: 2m, Height: 1.8m, Any size can be customized.


Flapping ears, curling nose, blinking eyes, roaring with open mouth, wagging tail, and shaking front legs.

Startup methods

Infrared induction or customizable options like coin-operated or remote control activation.

Power supply

Compatible with both 110V and 220V voltage, suitable for global power sockets, with a maximum power of 600 watts.

This is a lifelike animatronic little elephant, with its skin made from silicone. Thanks to the high-density sponge used for sculpting the exterior and the silicone skin, it feels just like touching a real elephant’s skin. Additionally, it’s equipped with a DC motor inside, enabling it to imitate the movements of an elephant, making it appear incredibly realistic.

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