Ice Age Animals Realistic Animatronic Mammoth Model




Realistic Animatronic Mammoth


Length: 4m(including tooth length), Height: 1.8m, Any size can be customized.


Flapping ears, curling nose, blinking eyes, roaring with open mouth, wagging tail, and shaking front legs.

Application scenarios

Zoos, museums, science centers, movie filming, stage performances, theme parks, and amusement parks.

Startup methods

Infrared induction startup, and it can also be customized with remote control, coin-operated, button-activated, and other startup methods.

The Animatronic Mammoth features realistic, handcrafted synthetic fur adorning its entire body. Its appearance and touch are incredibly authentic, and it can also mimic various movements.

The Woolly Mammoth is extinct, known only through fossils and remains under ice. Yet, our craftsmanship and technology bring it back to life, allowing people to relish the splendor of this ancient, extinct creature once more.

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