Lifelike Animatronic Shovel-Tusked Elephant Model




Lifelike Animatronic Shovel-Tusked Elephant


Curve length 6 meters (including nose), height 2 meters


The nose curls and expands, shaking the head, wagging the tail, and blinking

Customization options

Size, movement, color, sounds and lighting effects, etc.

Application occasions

Paleontological exhibitions, animal exhibitions, popular science exhibitions, parks, scenic spots, etc.

Referencing popular science materials, we’ve reconstructed a dynamic model of the shovel-tusked elephant by incorporating motors and mechanical drive structures. The skin is adorned with lifelike synthetic fur, providing a remarkably realistic appearance. This model not only mimics various movements but also emits roaring sounds.

Utilizing our approach to recreate extinct prehistoric animals for educational exhibits in natural history museums is both cost-effective and practical. The model is easy to maintain, transport, making it incredibly simple for you to create an engaging prehistoric animal exhibition.

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