Animatronic dinosaurs are large electric-powered biomimetic animal models that cleverly transform cold steel and unattractive sponges into lifelike, movable, and roaring dinosaurs through mechanical transmission design, motion control circuit design, artistic carving, skin texture treatment, and meticulous coloring.

People have always shown a tremendous fascination for dinosaurs, the extinct giants of the past. Though traditional museums with fossil exhibits offer a glimpse into their world, the experience can often be somewhat dull.

To address this, we’ve breathed new life into these ancient creatures. Using a 1:1 ratio based on dinosaur fossils, we’ve brought them back from extinction. With the application of new materials and innovative technology, we’ve created animatronic dinosaur models that look astonishingly lifelike. By adding coordinated movements to these models, we’ve further enhanced their realism, evoking awe and wonder among visitors.

These animatronic dinosaurs, when used to create a one-of-a-kind dinosaur exhibition, can easily contribute to your business success. The ability to transport visitors back to the era of dinosaurs, to let them walk among these towering creatures, isn’t just fascinating, but also a powerful marketing tool.

This is the essence of animatronic dinosaurs – a novel approach to engaging audiences and unlocking unparalleled marketing potential. With our help, your visitors will truly feel as if they’ve stepped back into the Jurassic Era, offering them an experience they’ll never forget.

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product presentation information

  • Color:   Realistic color / Customize all kinds of color schemes.
  • Size:   Life size / customized Lenght 1~20M (3 feet~65 feet, scale hight by length).
  • Power Plug:  110/220V. 50/60Hz. (Supply plugs applicable in the corresponding country).
  • Certificate:   CE,ISO9001,BV,TUV SGS.
  • Material:  Stainless steel / Carbon steel(depend on product’s type) / Motor / High density foam / Silicone rubber / Fiberglass teeth, etc.
  • Movements:  Mouth open and close / Synchronized with sound / Body up and down / Body left to right / Body rotate / Head up and down / Head left to right / Claw scratch / Tail swing / Customize other movements.
  • Starting Mode:  Infrared sensor / Remote control / Initiate Button on introduction board.
  • Accessories:  Loud speaker / Introduction board / Fiberglass rock to hide control box and speaker / Operation instructions.
  • Motor:  Brushless motor / Servo motor (CQC,CE,CCC certificate).
  • Warranty:   24 Months (After the warranty, we can provide life-long repair service in cost price).
  • Usage: Attraction and Promotion.(amusement park,theme park,museum,playground, city plaza,shopping mall and other indoor /outdoor venues.)

Real Dinosaur Serves For The Global Market

Animatronic dinosaur is a perfect marketing tool due to its ability to attract and captivate audiences with its lifelike appearance and movements.With the ability to simulate the prehistoric world and showcase the latest in animatronic technology, these models are a surefire way to draw in crowds and generate interest in various settings, from theme parks and museums to trade shows and corporate events.Whether it’s promoting a new exhibit, product launch, or simply adding an exciting element to an event, the animatronic dinosaur is a versatile and powerful marketing tool that can help businesses stand out and leave a lasting impression.

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How WE make

Step1: Mechanical Making

Mechanical Structure Making

Fitters and welders will make internal steel structure of the dinosaur according to the drawings requirements and install the motors on all parts with movements.

Step3: Electricity Wiring

Put all the motors and sensors on the steel frame to connect with control box, and test range and speed of movement.

Step4: Sponge wrapping

Sponge wrapping

Wrap sponge around the steel frame as the design drawing into a rough shape. For this step, though it looks simple it needs quite a few years’ experience then can be finished.

Step5: Outline Shaping

Outline Shaping

Artist will sculpture as proportion the muscle and rough shape on the basis of drawing requirements and science literature, to make a vivid posture and shape upon the sponge.

Step6: Skin Texture

Skin Texture

The next step will deliver to our female workers to handle. On the skin we will iron strips of dinosaur texture and attach fabric cloth on the skin to improve the skin strength and tenacity to prevent from tearing.

Step7: Built-in Silicon Gel

Built-in Silicon Gel

First put silicon adhesive on the skin, in this step with the purpose to put a protection on the skin with fabric cloth, to enhance the strength and tenacity. 

Step8: Painting


After silicon adhesive is dry completely, painter will put color on the dinosaur skin according to requirement. During painting the painting materials mainly include oil pigment and silicon adhesive.

Step8: Debug Testing

Debug Testing

We still need 8 hours to test before delivery, if every mechanical parts can smoothly work, electricity is in good condition, make the mechanical parts fully run in till it is qualified to deliver.

Packaging and transportation

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We have a quality control system from the material & production process to the finished production. We have got CE,ISO&SGS certificates of our products.

We have world-wide logistic partners who could delivery our products to your country by sea or air.

We will send our professional tech-team to help you installation. Also we will teach your staff how to maintain products.

We will send our professional staff to your place to onsite installlation, and help your staff master the use and maintenance of animatronic dinosaur.

Our warranty is 12-24 months. (We provide life-time repair severice after the waranty).

Our factory is located in Zigong city,Sichuan Province, China. You can book fight to Chengdu International Airport which is 2 hours away from our factory. Then, we’d like to pick you up at the airport.

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