Lifesize Brachiosaurus Animatronic Model for Jurassic Park




Lifesize Brachiosaurus Animatronic Model


Length: 15 meters, Height: 6 meters (when the neck is raised)


Open mouth roaring, blinking eyes, head movement left and right, neck movement up and down, tail wagging, abdominal breathing fluctuations

Customization options

Dimensions, movements, colors, vocalizations, and lighting effects, etc

Application occasions

Museum, amusement park, scenic area, science center, Jurassic Park

This Brachiosaurus animatronic model has a length of 15 meters and a height of 6 meters (when the neck is raised). Large dinosaur exhibitions typically require 2-3 sizable animatronic dinosaurs, such as a 15-20 meter Brachiosaurus, a 15-meter Tyrannosaurus rex, a 13-meter Spinosaurus, etc. The remaining dinosaur models are generally in the range of 5-8 meters. These large animatronic dinosaurs create a stunning and impressive experience for the audience, offering them great value for their visit. Even from a considerable distance before entering the exhibition area, spectators can catch a glimpse of these colossal creatures, serving the purpose of attracting their attention.

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