Realistic Animatronic Baby Triceratops Model for Park




Animatronic Baby Triceratops Model


Height: 1.8 meters, Width: 0.9 meters, dimensions are customizable


Blinking eyes, slight limb movement, head shaking, and tail wagging

Customization options

Dimensions, movements, colors, vocalizations, and lighting effects, etc

Application scenarios

Dinosaur science museums, museums, dinosaur exhibitions, dinosaur-themed parks

This baby Triceratops model accurately recreates the authentic appearance of a newly hatched Triceratops hatchling. It has short, thick limbs, big eyes, and clear skin textures. The newborn Triceratops baby remains curled up, giving it an adorable appearance. Small animatronic dinosaur models are typically used in museums, science centers, and similar venues. Usually, there are slightly larger dinosaur models nearby, forming a family scene. For example, a Triceratops mother leading two Triceratops babies. Placing this just-hatched Triceratops model next to such scenes provides a more intuitive understanding of the dinosaur hatching process for the audience.

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