Custom Animatronic Model for Dinosaur Indoor Playground


Indoor kids' playgrounds, mall lobbies, indoor stage performances, hotel lobbies, and dinosaur-themed toy stores.


You can customize all the dimensions according to your preferences. Typically, if the product size exceeds 2.7 meters in height or 2.1 meters in width, we'll have to split it for transportation. But no worries, once it reaches your site, we'll take care of the assembly for you. So, it's all about giving you the perfect fit and making it hassle-free on your end!


The internal structure is made of welded steel, the exterior is high-density foam, the skin is made of silicone, and the driving mechanism uses windshield wiper motors.


Head, neck, front claws, eyes, tail, abdominal breathing, up and down body movements, roaring with an open mouth, mouth emitting smoke, glowing eyes, and so on.

Indoor animatronic dinosaurs tend to have a longer lifespan compared to outdoor ones. The limited space indoors often means they are smaller in size, which makes them more cost-effective and easier to set up in the venue. It takes a very short time to put together a professional dinosaur exhibition indoors. And for the kids, it’s also safer to play indoors.

No worries about the indoor space limitations, we can custom-make dinosaur models with special sizes and structures to fit your venue perfectly!