Realistic Animatronic Models Large Dinosaur Statue




Large Size Brachiosaurus Statue (Animatronic Brachiosaurus).


Head, neck, blinking eyes, opening mouth roaring, wagging tail.


Length: 13 meters, Height: 6 meters. It can be made according to the authentic proportions of a Brachiosaurus fossil, or you can customize any length you desire.

Activation Method

When visitors pass by the infrared sensor, the dinosaur will start making sounds and movements. You can also customize other activation methods such as remote control, coin-operated, and button-activated options.

Compared to static dinosaur models made of fiberglass material, the large dinosaur statues made of foam and silicone feature internal motors that enable lifelike dinosaur movements. With their soft skin texture, they achieve realistic dinosaur actions. Additionally, they offer advantages such as low cost, long lifespan, and easy installation and maintenance.

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