Whimsical Dinosaur with Big Head for Amusement Park




Whimsical Dinosaur with Big Head Model


Length 2 meters, height 1.3 meters


Open mouth roaring, blinking eyes, moving front claws, wagging tail, shaking head

Customizable options

Pose design, dimensions, colors, types of movements, armor, and lighting effects, among others

Application scenarios

Hotel decoration, restaurant ornaments, amusement parks, etc

We have exaggerated the head of the Tyrannosaurus rex, making it look like a caricature or a ‘big-head portrait.’ The client’s request is to retain the distinctive features of the T-Rex while giving it an artistically exaggerated look. The purpose is to place it in the hotel lobby, creating a whimsical combination with cartoon animals and plants, complementing the hotel’s decorative ambiance.

Similar to traditional animatronic dinosaurs, it can perform various movements and emit sounds. It also utilizes infrared sensing for activation, with a total power of 300 watts. It operates on standard household 110V or 220V power. For more details on customizing whimsical dinosaur designs, please feel free to contact us.

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