ARK Survival Evolved Animatronic Tek Rex Model for Sale




ARK Survival Evolved Animatronic Tek Rex Model


Length 13 meters, height 8 meters (including base)


Open mouth roaring, head shaking, tail swinging, blinking eyes, waving front claws, mouth emitting smoke

Customizable options

Pose design, dimensions, colors, types of movements, armor, and lighting effects, among others

Application scenarios

Game exhibitions, anime expos, scenic areas, theme parks, and large commercial centers

We have brought the Armored Rex – Tek Rex from the game into reality. By combining materials such as metal, sponge, and silicone with programming, we can achieve a lifelike appearance and simulate various movements of the dinosaur. Using it in a game exhibition will provide players with a sense of reality that they cannot get from a computer screen, and it will resonate with numerous gamers.

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