Playground Dinosaur Animatronic Models for Kids



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Perfect for children's playgrounds, these animatronic dinosaur models have a soft silicone skin that poses no harm to kids. With their lifelike appearance and smooth movements, they roar realistically when their mouths open, making them look incredibly lifelike.

Product dimensions

The size can be customized to fit the dimensions of the children's playground. The length, width, and height can be adjusted accordingly, ranging from 1 meter up to 30 meters.


Head, neck, front claws, eyes, tail, abdominal breathing, up and down body movements, roaring with an open mouth, mouth emitting smoke or mist, glowing eyes, and so on.

Placing some realistic, large dinosaur models in a dinosaur-themed children’s playground will guarantee popularity. Animatronic dinosaurs have a lower cost compared to other amusement equipment, which means they can start generating profits in a shorter amount of time.

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