Robotic Lifesize Dinosaur Statues for Amusement Park




Lifesize animatronic dinosaur – Pachycephalosaurus.


Length: 6m, Height: 1.7m, Can be customized to any size.


Head turning left and right, neck moving up and down, blinking eyes, roaring with an open mouth, forepaw swing, wagging its tail, and simulating breathing with the belly rising and falling.

Pachycephalosaurus is often depicted in archaeological reconstructions or speculative illustrations engaged in combat, leading people to envision scenes of two Pachycephalosaurus ramming each other with their thickened skulls to compete for territory or mates. Therefore, when creating lifelike Pachycephalosaurus replicas, we also frequently offer them for sale in pairs engaged in combat, just as people imagine them in their minds.

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