Realistic Animatronic T-Rex Head for Sale




Silicone skin that can move and make sounds of a Tyrannosaurus rex head model


Length 4.5 meters, height 1.2 meters (excluding base), width 0.9 meters


Blinking, opening mouth to roar, head shaking left and right, neck shaking up and down, waving front claws

Customization options

Customizable in size, color, movements, etc., such as opening mouth to spray water or smoke

Applicable scenes

Dinosaur museums, theme parks, children's playgrounds, dinosaur-themed restaurants, shopping centers, etc.

The animatronic t-rex head is suitable for wall mounting, with relatively small dimensions. It can be used in dinosaur-themed restaurants, museums, theme parks, and other venues. It comes with a metal backplate and hooks, making it easy to securely fix it to the wall. When paired with a hand-painted wall mural depicting cracked effects, it gives the impression of the Tyrannosaurus rex breaking through the wall. Additionally, it features blinking, mouth opening, head shaking, and other movements.

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