Animatronic Silicone T-Rex Model for Dino Park




A dynamic T-rex model made of sponge and silicone


Curved length 8 meters, height 2.2 meters, width 1 meter


Head shaking left and right, neck moving up and down, blinking eyes, opening and closing mouth, wagging tail, waving front claws

Customization options

Customizable in any size, color, dinosaur posture, and movement, with the option to add lighting effects

Suitable scenes

Dinosaur museums, Jurassic theme parks, shopping malls, tourist attractions

The Silicone T-Rex model has the advantages of waterproof and sun protection. Pulling and stretching the dinosaur’s skin repeatedly during movements is not easy to damage. It is commonly used for outdoor large-scale dinosaur exhibitions. The posture and styling of the Tyrannosaurus rex can be customized, such as placing the right foot on a rock or lowering the body to roar. We can recreate your design concept.

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