Animatronic Giganotosaurus 3D Model for Jurassic Park




Animatronic Giganotosaurus 3D Model


Length 6 meters, height 1.9 meters


Mouth open, blinking eyes, head shaking, neck moving up and down, tail wagging, front claw movement, roaring sound.

Customization options

Dinosaur species, size, posture, color, movements, and audio-visual effects

Applicable occasions

Dinosaur theme parks, museums, parks, children's playgrounds, scenic areas

The giganotosaurus 3d model is a dynamic dinosaur model with an internal drive structure made of steel. The exterior and skin are crafted using sponge and silicone, allowing it to simulate various dinosaur movements and giving it a lifelike appearance. When touched, it feels like real skin. The overall proportions are made according to the scale of real dinosaur fossils, making it a common exhibit in museums and dinosaur theme parks.

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