Jurassic Park Realistic Animatronic Raptor for Sale




Realistic Animatronic Raptor for Jurassic Park


Length: 3 meters, Height: 1.7 meters (including the base)


Open mouth roaring, head left and right shaking, neck up and down movement, tail swinging, waving front claws, blinking eyes

Customization options

Pose, design, color, size, sound and light effects

Application scenarios

Museums, science centers, children's playgrounds, dinosaur exploration, dinosaur exhibitions, scenic areas, etc

This Animatronic Raptor model is meticulously crafted to replicate the proportions of real fossils. It is a well-known star dinosaur, famous for its intelligence and agility. Raptors are featured in various dinosaur movies, making them recognizable to both adults and children. Whether in large dinosaur exhibitions or dinosaur-themed amusement parks, Raptor models are almost always present. This dinosaur model not only has clear skin textures and a realistic appearance but also, when powered on, can simulate various dinosaur movements and emit roaring sounds. It is one of our best-selling animatronic dinosaur products.

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