Ridable Life-Sized Animatronic Horse Model for Park




Ridable Life-Sized Animatronic Horse Model


(According to the actual size of the horse) Length 2.5 meters, height 1.8 meters


Running on all fours, shaking head, shouting with mouth open, blinking eyes, wagging tail

Customization options

Size, movement, color, sounds and lighting effects, etc.

Application scenarios

Natural museums, park attractions, amusement parks, prairie-style restaurants, theme parks

The Life-Sized Animatronic Horse Model is among our standout creations, renowned for its realistic appearance and well-defined musculature. The mane, crafted from genuine hair, enhances the tactile authenticity. Internally, DC motors and mechanical drive structures work seamlessly to simulate a variety of horse movements. To ensure an excellent user experience, we’ve equipped the model with a genuine leather saddle for visitors to enjoy riding, combining the lifelike animal exhibit with the attributes of an amusement product.

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