Ice Age Animatronic Woolly Mammoth 3D Model




Animatronic Woolly Mammoth 3D Model


The curve length is 8 meters, and the height is 6 meters


Nose curling, head left and right movement, ear flapping, open mouth, and emit a roar.

Customization options

Size, design, movements, and color.

Application scenarios

Ice Age Animal Exhibition, Zoo, Museum, Park, Scenic Area.

This Mammoth 3D Model is crafted with some stylistic changes based on the Woolly Mammoth character Manny from the Ice Age movie. While ensuring a high level of realism, it is still capable of simulating various movements characteristic of a woolly mammoth. Due to its enormous size, for shipping purposes, the legs and body are separated into two parts. Upon reaching the customer’s destination, assembly is straightforward with our professional guidance. No worries, we make the installation process simple.

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