Life Size Animatronic Giraffe Rides for Giraffe Restaurant




Life Size Animatronic Giraffe


Length: 6m, Height: 4.5m, Any size can be customized.


Head left and right, shaking its neck up and down, wagging its tail, blinking its eyes, and either roaring or simulating chewing food.

Application scenarios

Zoos, Playground, Amusement parks, Theme parks, Film shoots, Museums, and more.


The internal structure consists of a steel frame welded together and equipped with DC motors, while the outer body is sculpted from high-density foam and covered with silicone skin.

We have added a detachable saddle on the back of this realistic giraffe model, allowing visitors to ride and enhance the interactive experience. If it is for display purposes only, the saddle can be easily removed.

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