Lifesize Realistic Animatronic Penguin Model for Sale




Realistic Animatronic Penguin Model


Height: 0.9m, Width: 0.4, Any size can be customized.


Head shaking, neck moving up and down, tail wagging, and both wings flapping.

Startup methods

Infrared induction startup, and it can also be customized with remote control, coin-operated, button-activated, and other startup methods.

Suitable occasions

Zoos, ice and snow worlds, water parks, museums, science and technology museums, educational settings, etc.

Production process

Welding the animal skeleton with steel, then adding transmission structures and motors. Carving the penguin's shape with high-density sponge and applying silicone to create the penguin's skin. After that, simulated feathers are attached to the silicone skin, and finally, the model is painted with appropriate colors.

The realistic animatronic penguin model is made to scale according to the actual size of a penguin. It has a realistic touch with simulated feathers, and it can also mimic the movements of a penguin. Once powered on, it becomes an adorable and obedient real penguin. Additionally, we provide a 2-year warranty for this product.