Giant Lifelike Animatronic Crane Bird Model




Giant Animatronic Crane Bird Model


The wing exhibition width is 10 meters, and the height is 4 meters


Wings fan, shake head, open mouth and roar

Customization options

Movement, size, posture, color, calling, etc.

Application scenarios

Museum, science and technology museum, animal protection propaganda exhibition, park, shopping mall beauty decoration, etc.

The animatronic crane bird model employs two crafting techniques for achieving feather realism: the first involves sculpting layers of feathers using sponge and silicone, while the second method utilizes directly adhering real poultry feathers onto the surface.

The former is cost-effective, while the latter offers higher realism. For this particular model, the first method is chosen as the client intends for long-term outdoor placement and wishes to prevent feathers from being eroded by rain and snow, thus aiming to extend its lifespan.

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