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Outdoor animatronic dinosaur exhibition
Outdoor dinosaur exhibition is applicable to parks,zoos,Plazas & Squares,resorts,water playgrounds and other outdoor venues. Our dinosaur theme,combined with local terrain and environmental conditions,based on customer requirements,appliers light,water,sound effect and other elements to build unique theme effects,such as Dinosaur Train,Water fight with dinosaurs,dinosaurs cave,dinosaur shooting,dinosaurs restaurants,to bring visitors fun and joy by our interactive entertainment.


Outdoor  animatronic  dinosaur  exhibition



Indoor animatronic dinosaur exhibition

Our dinosaur exhibition is themed with stories, combining with 1:1 simulation animatronic dinosaurs, realistic fossil replicas and the most vivid recovery scene of hundreds of millions of years ago. With interesting introductions which leads the audience back to the world of extinct monsters, we provide exhibition site arrangement & design service, whole set of exhibits and accessories, layout and maintenance servies with new concept, dedicated to creating unique dinosaur exhibition for clients..


Indoor  animatronic  dinosaur  exhibition


animatronic dinosaur material


Animatronic dinosaur Accessories

Skeleton frame production, detection and lubrication.

23M Tyrannosaurus Rex production flow

12M  Spinosaurus  production  flow

20M Tyrannosaurus Rex production flow

25M Brachiosaurus production flow

animatronic dinosaur packaging shipping

 Dinosaur factory


Our company is planning to hold a dinosaur exhibition in USA, and organise relative events surrounding the animatronic dinosaur for sale, that means that dinosaurs is going to invade Southwest Florida at the Naples Botanical Garden during May. and there are about 30 other dinosaur events and games in our exhibition lists, we will bring with more than 10 animatronic dinosaur for sale, Dinosaurs in the Garden includes 10 large-scale animatronic dinosaur models, such as an 20m Brachiosaurus and a 15m Tyrannosaurus Rex, they are the representative dinosaurs in the show/dinosaur park. So keep your eyes on all the time, do not wink to miss any amazing moment.


It is not the first time to hold abroad, there are some clients also imported dinosaur costumes from foreign countries, our company specialized in diverse kinds of animatronic dinosaur for sale and dinosaur costume, and the best workers in each filed of the dinosaur manufacturing join in our company, we even own one special branch company for animatronic dinosaur for sale, that makes us do the best in the field of dinosaurs.


Each animatronic dinosaur may look uniquely interesting, and all those dinosaurs are for sale, and will be provided in the price of promotion, so we can provide for you if you are interested to buy them, by the way, we keep dozens of animatronic dinosaur for sale in our factory all the time, so if you urgent to get dinosaurs, we can export them to you, can reduce the manufacturing time in this way, normally we will consider to give some discount for animatronic dinosaur for sale, or you can decide on the sizes and colors, then we will assign the workers to manufacture based on your requirements, this is called custom-made animatronic dinosaur for sale, if you can order more quantity, the animatronic dinosaur can be on sale..


Animatronic dinosaur photos in our factory:



Life size animatronic dinosaur

  1. Ersan Oyman说道:

    I need price list for your ‘Outdoor animatronic dinosaur’ products. Destination address will be Mersin in Turkey.
    Best Regards
    Ersan Oyman

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi Ersan, our salesman will contact you soon, please negotiate with him later.

  2. Gary Kanter说道:

    I just read that you will have a display of dinosaurs at the Botanical Gardens February 17th – June 3, 2018.
    Where else and when will you have other displays in the USA?

  3. Maximo说道:

    Hello, i would like to know the prices of the indoor animatronic dinosaurs. Prices change if the quantity is big?

    1. hu, june说道:

      Hi, it is June from realdinosaur, thanks for your attention on our company, especially on the animatronic dinosaurs, the quantity will directly influence on the final prices, like 5-10% discounting will be provided, i will email you with more details back soon later.


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Zigong real dinosaur science and technology co., ltd will export animatronic dinosaur and animatronic animal models approximately 2000 pcs annually, the export markets spread over 30 countries, in comparison, we prefer to call them the artwares or handicrafts.

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