Animatronic Dinosaur


At the beginning, people made some animatronic dinosaur models for the stage performances and filming, which are all according to the physical characteristics of the dinosaurs described in the script or science fiction; these dinosaurs are also equipped with driving motors in order to achieve the performance effects. These dinosaurs can be also programmed according to their needs, move lively and realistic, this is the prototype of the animatronic dinosaurs.

Later on, people were not satisfied to see these big dinosaurs in the movies or on the stage, and moved them to parks, museums and streets. Without the constraints of space, the dinosaurs can be made in large sizes. It can be restored according to the real proportions in the scientific literature or the dinosaur fossils unearthed; when these big dinosaur wave their paws, shake their tails, and open their mouths and scream, everyone in the scene will be deeply attracted. People will have a strong sense being in the dinosaur era. Imagine you are in the same age as a dinosaur, how do you live with dinosaurs, how can you not be eaten by dinosaurs, and how do they grow so big? The audience was immersed in their own imagination, when they are looking at every detail of these animatronic dinosaurs, what an exciting experience with screams of various dinosaurs around the ears.

Where will the animatronic dinosaur be applied?

Today, the animatronic dinosaurs has applied spreading all over the world, our dinosaur products can be seen in museums, parks, playgrounds, shopping centers and schools. They are no longer monotonous dinosaur models, you can see the Triceratops grazing with its children., a group of timid Deinonychus drinking water in the river, another big sword dragon hidden in the woods, and a poor Triceratops is stepped and bitten by the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the distance. Did you find out? In this way that these dinosaurs have been applied to these scenes, it seems that they have been given a reality with the soul.

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