Life size Animatronic dinosaur

At the sight of dinosaurs walking around nearby, are you inspired to own the dinosaurs and use them for your events in your places?
We are the first choice factory for

animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals, dinosaur costumes, dinosaur rides & dinosaur fossils, just come and bring them back home.

Life size Animatronic dinosaur
Life size Animatronic dinosaur
  • Life size Animatronic dinosaur hot sale products

    With high standards of advanced manufacturing technology, we can manufacture museum quality dinosaurs, those realistic and vivid dinosaurs will take you back to the Jurassic period.

  • realistic walking dinosaur costume hot sale products

    No matter in shopping malls, schools or noisy streets,  it is enough to attract the attention of thousands of people when you put on the dinosaur costumes, the dinosaur costume will become the focus.

  • Realistic Animatronic Animal hot sale products

    Just imagine that the ancient smilodon, mammoths, giantopithecus and crocodiles appear in front of you, but those animals will not attack you, they will become your pets.

  • Dinosaur skeleton replica for sale hot sale products

    You may see the dinosaur skeletons from Hollywood films or museums, now we can make the dinosaur skeletons stand or lay before you, they are not excavated, but fiberglass simulated all by hands.

  • Animatronic dinosaur ride for sale hot sale products

    Do you ever image that you can own one dinosaur pet, we can manufacture animatronic dinosaur rides to make your dream come ture, it can not only move automatically, but also you can ride on at home.

  • Animatronic dinosaur ride for sale hot sale products

    Every kid likes to walk the dog, nowadays, our company can help them to walk the dinosaurs, and the kids can even walk with the dinosaurs by riding on, and walk anywhere by controlling the bridle.

  • dinosaur amusement equipmente hot sale products

    Want to witness the way how is the dinosaur eggs hatching? The kids would like to be part of the overall process, from an egg to dinosaur baby hatching out, then take pictures with the eggs.

  • Animated insect&cartoon model hot sale products

    We bring the insects world into reality, live with interactive insect models, funny design insects and cartoon character models from TV shows, we come back to childhood being in the cartoon world.

dinosaur manufacturing process
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Nothing surrounding you, except full of surprises and fun
why choose us and Qualifications certificate
  • We located in Zigong city of China, which is renowned as the "dinosaur hometown", therefore, we have more knowledge and better understanding on the dinosaurs.
  • Our company is highly experienced in the manufacturing of animatronic dinosaurs over 15 years, which makes our dinosaur products more stable and reliable.
  • We exporting approximately 900 animatronic dinosaur products to more than 30 countries around the world every year, and of which the dinosaurs are highly praised by customers.
  • We paying more attention on the work efficiency, and constantly optimizes the production processes, which reducing the costs, shortening date of delivery, stabilizing the quality.
Our qualifications
Animatronic Realistic Animal Life Size Rhinoceros Model
Recently our factory produced a couple of realistic animals, one of them is the so-called Rhinoceros model, which is highly required on the details like textures and shape by the customers, you will find the muscles, especially on the to...
Walking cartoon animal toy kids ride cars for malls
The mall or supermarket is so funny with the dinosaur toy cars last year, now more and more clients are also interested to do the cars based on models of animals, to make them into cartoon animal toy cars, even some of them wold like to ...
zigong animatronic dinosaur factory

Zigong real dinosaur science and technology co., ltd will export animatronic dinosaur and animatronic animal models approximately 2000 pcs annually, the export markets spread over 30 countries, in comparison, we prefer to call them the artwares or handicrafts.

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