Halloween Realistic T-Rex Costume for Adults




Realistic T-rex costume suitable for adults


Length of 4.2 meters, height customized according to performer's height (1.8-2.2 meters)


The performer's hands can control: blinking, opening the mouth to roar. The body can be controlled to: walk, jump, nod, swing the tail, etc.


Equipped with a camera and a display screen, easy to view the external situation; equipped with a cooling fan, not afraid of heat; flexible joints, effortless performance.

Applicable scenarios

Stage performances, attracting tourists in theme parks, street performances, Halloween parties

The t-rex costume for adults is a type of dinosaur model used for interactive performances. It involves an adult entering the interior of the dinosaur to manipulate it, similar to a puppet. It features a stainless steel skeleton internally and is covered with a special fabric mimicking dinosaur skin texture externally, resulting in a lifelike appearance. The costume is lightweight and allows for various movements. It can be customized to fit your height, weight, and shoe size, creating a dinosaur costume tailored specifically for you.

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