Realistic Dinosaur Costume Hidden Legs Style for Sale




Realistic Dinosaur Costume with Hidden Legs style

Size & Weight

Length: 4.2m, Height: 1.7-2m, Weight: Silicone skin is 32 kilograms, and with fiber fabric skin, it is 23 kilograms.


The head and neck can freely turn, eyes can blink, mouth can open with roaring sound, tail can swing, and it can perform running and jumping movements.

Main materials

Stainless steel tubes, high-density foam, silicone, fiber fabric, and paint.

Additional information

The dinosaur costume is powered by a 12V battery and includes internal fans to help with actor cooling. It also features an 8-inch display monitor inside to allow the actor to observe the surroundings and enhance the performance.

The Hidden Legs dinosaur costume also achieves a highly realistic effect. The actor’s legs can be concealed within the dinosaur suit, allowing for a more natural integration into the dinosaur performance. With no visible human legs, the audience is less likely to be distracted, resulting in a more authentic dinosaur appearance.

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