Custom Realistic Dinosaur Suit Costume for Party




Realistic Dinosaur Suit for Party

Size & Weight

Length: 4.2m, Height: 1.8-2m, Weight: about 23Kg.


The head and neck can freely turn, eyes can blink, mouth can open with roaring sound, tail can swing, and it can perform running and jumping movements.


Two styles available – one with exposed legs and another with hidden legs, each offering unique advantages. Both styles are priced the same.


Powered by a 12V battery, it can operate up to 8 hours on a full charge. It comes with 7 preset dinosaur sound effects, easily switchable at your preference.

Our realistic dinosaur suit is versatile for various prank scenarios, such as Halloween events, birthday parties, team-building activities, and more. The performer can control the dinosaur costume’s mouth, blinking, and head movements with internal handles, making the entire dinosaur image more lifelike.

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