Custom TV Show Adult Dilophosaurus Costume for Sale




Realistic Dilophosaurus Style Dinosaur Costume

Size & Weight

Length: 4.2m, Height: 1.8-2m, Weight: about 23Kg.


The head and neck can freely turn, eyes can blink, mouth can open with roaring sound, tail can swing, and it can perform running and jumping movements.

Main materials

The internal supporting framework is made of stainless steel tubes, and the dinosaur's shape is carved from high-density foam. The outer skin is crafted using fiber fabric that mimics the texture of dinosaur skin.

The dilophosaurus costume is worn by a person for performances, commonly used in stage shows, TV shows, theme park events, and commercial promotional activities. It is a wearable dinosaur model with unique and cleverly designed features for simulating dinosaur joint movements in the head, mouth, neck, tail, body, and legs.

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