Realistic Animatronic T Rex Dinosaur Costume for Sale




Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume

Size & Weight

Length: 4.2m, Height: 1.7-2m, Silicone skin is 32 kilograms, and with fiber fabric skin, it is 23 kilograms.


The head and neck can freely turn, eyes can blink, mouth can open with roaring sound, tail can swing, and it can perform running and jumping movements.

Power supply

Inside, there is a 12V battery that powers the entire unit, and when fully charged, it can work continuously for over 8 hours. The charger supports both 110V and 220V voltage, making it compatible with power outlets worldwide.

Realistic appearance, smooth and flexible control, interactive performances, and the viral effect on social media make the T-rex dinosaur costume a popular highlight in commercial shows. It not only attracts crowds and sets the mood but also enhances brand image, making it an indispensable asset in commercial shows.

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