Light Weight Adult Realistic Raptor Costume Suit




Realistic Raptor Costume


Length: 4.2m, Height: 1.9m, The height of the dinosaur costume can be customized according to the actor's height, suitable for actors with heights ranging from 1.6 meters to 2.1 meters.


When its mouth opens, it roars, blinks its eyes, and its head and neck move freely. The tail sways along with the body. You can think of it as a large-sized puppet.

Power supply

Inside, there is a 12V battery that powers the entire unit, and when fully charged, it can work continuously for over 8 hours. The charger supports both 110V and 220V voltage, making it compatible with power outlets worldwide.

Main materials

The internal supporting framework is made of stainless steel tubes, and the dinosaur's shape is carved from high-density foam. The outer skin is crafted using fiber fabric that mimics the texture of dinosaur skin.


Weighing less than 25 kilograms and equipped with internal cooling fans, it ensures lightweight and excellent heat dissipation. This allows performers to work for extended periods without feeling overly tired.

The Raptor Costume is a wearable dinosaur model designed for commercial events, parties, and stage performances, aiming to boost audience engagement. It effectively enhances the atmosphere at commercial activities and is commonly used at trade shows, amusement parks, theme parks, and scenic spots.

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