Jurassic Park Animatronic T-rex Models for Sale




Realistic Animatronic T-rex Model.


Length: 10m, Height: 2.7m, Any size can be customized.


Opening its mouth to roar, blinking its eyes, moving its head left and right, raising and lowering its neck, wagging its tail, and waving its front claws.

Application Scenarios

Dinosaur museums, dinosaur theme parks, amusement park, children's playgrounds, scenic areas, parties and gatherings, commercial exhibitions.


The internal structure is made of welded steel, the exterior is high-density foam, the skin is made of silicone, and the driving mechanism uses windshield wiper motors.

Activation Method

When visitors pass by the infrared sensor, the dinosaur will start making sounds and movements. You can also customize other activation methods such as remote control, coin-operated, and button-activated options.

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