Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Model for Dino Park




Large-sized animatronic dinosaur –


Length: 20m, Height: 10m, Can be customized to any size.


Head turning left and right, neck moving up and down, blinking eyes, roaring with an open mouth, front paw waving, wagging its tail, and simulating breathing with the belly rising and falling.


Steel, windshield wiper motor, high-density foam, silicone, paint, etc.


Compatible with both 110V and 220V (suitable for global voltage), maximum power 2000 watts.

Activation Method

When visitors pass by the infrared sensor, the dinosaur will start making sounds and movements. You can also customize other activation methods such as remote control, coin-operated, and button-activated options.

The large-sized Tyrannosaurus rex models are shipped in separate pieces for easy container loading during export. However, there’s no need to worry. Once they arrive at your destination, our skilled engineers will take charge of the assembly to ensure they operate perfectly.


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