Jurassic Park Animatronic Raptor Model for Sale




Length: 2m, Height: 1.3m, Any size can be customized according to site requirements.


Small-sized dynamic animatronic dinosaur – Velociraptor.


Head, neck, front claws, blinking eyes, opening mouth roaring, wagging tail.

Application scenarios

Application scenarios: Dinosaur museum, jurassic theme parks, amusement parks, scenic areas, recreational parks, children's playgrounds.

Small-sized animatronic dinosaurs are best suited for display in groups. Due to their smaller size, they may not make a profound visual impact individually. However, showcasing them in a combative scene with multiple dinosaurs or as a mother and baby dinosaur set can create a striking exhibition effect. This arrangement allows visitors to immerse themselves in the experience, and it also keeps production costs low.

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