What is walking dinosaur costume?

Walking Dinosaur costumes, designed about 4m in length, 1.8 to 2.2m in height, in weight of about 23 to 25kg, commonly adopted in stage performances, TV show, theme park activities and commercially promotional activities, is one kind of a wearable simulation dinosaur models; our technicians specially make the head, mouth, neck, tail, body, legs,can imitate the dinosaur joint movable effects; when the mouth opens, the dinosaurs will be synchronized with a huge roaring sound, the vivid dinosaur costumes are fruited when accompanied by the performer’s coordination, both the kids and adults marvel at the realistic dinosaurs; if used for stage performances or TV shooting, it is able to be exciting and fascinating by giving these dinosaurs in some specific backgrounds.

You can customize all kinds of dinosaurs which has two legs(so that you can wear it), including real kinds of dinosaurs, designed(cartoon or drawing) dinosaurs, dinosaurs existed in movies or TV shows.Wearing it, you can walking, running, squating, sitting, etc. 

Walking with Dinosaurs
suitable scenarios for using the walking dinosaur costume
Dinosaur-themed park attracting visitors

Walking Dinosaur Costume Details

  • Product Type: Adult-worn Dinosaur Costume Props
  • Dimensions:  Length: 4.2 meters, Height: 1.8~2.2 meters (customizable sizes)
  • Costume Styles:  T-rex costume, Raptor costume, Carnotaurus costume, Spinosaurus costume, Velociraptor costume, Dilophosaurus costume, Tyrannosaurus Rex costume, etc.
  • Weight:  18~23 kg (varies for different dinosaur types).
  • Material:  Stainless steel / Carbon steel(depend on product’s type) / Motor / High density foam / Silicone rubber / Silicone teeth, etc.
  • Movements:  Mouth open&close (roaring when the mouth opens), Head up&down, Neck left&right, Eyes blinking, Tail left to right.
  • Packing: Wrapped with a layer of plastic film, placed in a wooden case, and then packed into the container.
  • Accessories:  Support frame Pigment, brush, and glass cement Battery, socket, and charger Brake cables and collar Pants suit/leggings and stocking.
  • Delivery Time:  For 1-5 pieces of dinosaur costume, the demand is 15 days. The accurate delivery time depends on the quantity of the final order.
  • Warranty:   24 Months (After the warranty, we can provide life-long repair service in cost price).
  • Usage: Attraction and Promotion.(amusement park,theme park,museum,playground, city plaza,shopping mall and other indoor /outdoor venues.)

Production Process for Dinosaur Costumes

steel frame making

Steel Frame Making

Using stainless steel pipes to weld the dinosaur frame

circuits testing

Circuit Wiring & Testing

Connecting cables to test various functions

Wrap Sponge on Dino Frame

Covering sponge on the steel frame for carving

Carving Dinosaur Silhouette

Carving Dinosaur Silhouette

Carving Dinosaur Shape with Special Tools

applying dinosaur skin fabric

Applying Dinosaur Skin Fabric

Applying Fabric with Special Dinosaur Skin Texture

Colors Painting

Spray the fabric with the color of the dinosaur’s skin

The inner structure of the dinosaur costume is crafted from a high-quality stainless steel frame. These pipes have a hollow shape, with a wall thickness of 1.2 mm. After careful design by engineers, the entire structure of the dinosaur costume is lightweight and reliable. The dinosaur costume itself is sculpted from high-density artificial sponge, which is attached to the internal steel frame. Our art engineers dedicate approximately 10 hours to carving out the dinosaur’s body muscles and appearance.

Subsequently, a soldering iron is used on the muscles with the hot iron to achieve the dinosaur skin textures and stripes. A layer of elastic fiber cloth is then applied, effectively enhancing the skin’s tensile performance. Additionally, our workers apply a layer of silicone gel on the surface, providing a more realistic and stable appearance to the skin. Painters spray a layer of mineral pigments on the silicone surface according to customer requirements. Finally, soft silicone teeth are installed, completing the simulation dinosaur costume.

Our factory conducts aging tests, ensuring the quality and durability of the dinosaur costume before delivering it to customers.

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    When establishing any amusement park, clients always like to incorporate some realistic walking dinosaur costumes into the dinopark, and sometimes even include other dinosaur skeletons or fossils. In such cases, our company provides realistic dinosaur costumes for sale to clients. As visitors witness animatronic dinosaurs in motion at one place and realistic dinosaur costumes walking around, the dinopark can achieve a high level of realism. Moreover, as the dinopark attracts more and more visitors, the park owner can start selling the realistic walking dinosaur costumes.

    Imagine the scenario where 20 life-size realistic dinosaurs lunge towards you with growling roars – the kind that makes you scream! Yesterday, with “realistic” and “spectacular” results, the park recreated a scene from the reign of dinosaurs, reminiscent of “Walking with Dinosaurs.”

    With sizes similar to realistic dinosaurs and flexible gaits, when the “Tyrannosaurus Rex” opens its big mouth, a young female reporter approaches, and the roaring sounds pass across the ears, accompanied by clear snorts. It feels so real that people are compelled to scream and dodge. With twenty roaring thunder, the lifelike dinosaurs leave the audience stunned, allowing them to imagine that prehistoric dinosaurs have set foot on the earth for the first time. The realistic dinosaur costume is one of our hot-selling products, and we can produce various types such as T-Rex, Raptor, Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus, Abelisaurus, Deinonychus, etc.

    All kinds of realistic dinosaur costumes can be customized in terms of length, height, color, and texture.