Realistic Insects Animatronic Spider Model for Zoo




Realistic Animatronic Spider Model


Length: 2m, Width: 1.8m, Height: 0.9m


Waving antennae, rotating head and abdomen, opening and closing mouth, and producing vocal sounds.

Main materials

Steel, motors, high-density sponge, silicone, artificial fur.

Startup method

It can be activated through infrared sensing when it detects people nearby. Additionally, custom options for remote control or coin activation are available.

Realistic animatronic spider models are perfect for use in zoos, botanical gardens, science museums, Halloween party decorations, Christmas events, birthday parties, prank games, and more. These spiders look incredibly lifelike and are ideal for creating a wild jungle ambiance, making exhibitions or parties more meaningful and leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

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