Realistic Animatronic Beetle Models for Insect Exhibition




Animatronic Beetle Models capable of simulating insect movements


Length: 1-20m, Height: 1-10m, Animatronic insect models are typically made at a scale of 10-50 times larger than the actual size of real insects.


Head rotation, antennae waving, wing flapping, and limb movement, etc.

Main Materials

The internal structure consists of a steel frame welded together and equipped with DC motors, while the outer body is sculpted from high-density foam and covered with silicone skin.

Activation Method

When visitors pass by the infrared sensor, the dinosaur will start making sounds and movements. You can also customize other activation methods such as remote control, coin-operated, and button-activated options.

The lifelike beetle models are frequent guests in insect exhibitions. We have created them by enlarging the dimensions based on the real proportions of beetles, preserving all the intricate details of their bodies, making them look incredibly realistic. These models are designed to help children gain a deeper understanding of insect anatomy and characteristics.

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