Realistic Animatronic Bugs Cicada 3d Model




The cicada 3D model is crafted from steel frames, sponge, and silicone, creating a lifelike representation.


Length: 2.5m, Height: 0.8m, Stump length: 1 meter.


Head rotation, antennae waving, wing flapping, and limb movement, etc.


The internal structure consists of a steel frame welded together and equipped with DC motors, while the outer body is sculpted from high-density foam and covered with silicone skin.

Cicada is also a common model in insect exhibitions. We often hear the sound of cicadas in summer, but it’s not easy to see their true appearance. Now, with the large 3D cicada model, we can have a close look at its structural features, making it perfect for educational exhibitions.

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