Animatronic Realistic Artificial Insects for Exhibition




Realistic Artificial Insects


Length: 1-20m, Height: 0.5-15m, Customizable in any size to meet your venue requirements.


Waving antennae, flapping wings, opening mouth to emit sounds, shaking abdomen, rotating head, and moving limbs, and more.

Main materials

Steel, motors, high-density sponge, silicone, artificial fur.

Startup methods

Infrared induction startup, and it can also be customized with remote control, coin-operated, button-activated, and other startup methods.


Zoos, botanical gardens, museums, school education, insect exhibitions, farms, and more.

The most prominent feature of our handcrafted silicone insect models is that they have a metal skeleton with internal transmission structures and motors, covered with a silicone exterior. This allows them to simulate the movements of real insects. Compared to static display-only insect models, they offer superior visual effects, making them more appealing to visitors, especially children.