Silicone Animatronic 3D Dragonfly Model for Sale




Silicone Animatronic 3D Dragonfly Model


The length is 1.5 meters, wingspan is 1.7 meters, and height is 2 meters (including the flower base).


Flapping wings, shaking head, wagging tail, emitting sounds.

Customization options

Posture styling, color dimensions, motion lighting, and so on.

Application scenarios

Insect museums, scenic area decorations, natural science museums, insect-themed restaurants, and so on.

This large 3d dragonfly model is an electric display designed specifically for exhibitions and decorative settings. Its exquisite exterior design and meticulous detailing closely emulate the authentic appearance of a dragonfly. Internally, it features advanced electric motors and related transmission structures, replicating the graceful flight movements of a real dragonfly. Furthermore, the integration of unique lighting effects and sound adds vibrancy to the entire scene.

This large dragonfly model not only captivates with its realistic appearance but also showcases the elegance of dragonfly flight through dynamic effects. It has become a highly sought-after exhibit and decorative piece, bringing life and color to any environment.

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