Animatronic Honeybee Model Robotic Insects for Garden




Lifelike Animatronic Honeybee Model


We offer customizations for any size, magnified according to the real proportions of insects.


Head rotation, antennae waving, wing flapping, and limb movement, produce the buzzing sound of bees. etc.


The internal structure consists of a steel frame welded together and equipped with DC motors, while the outer body is sculpted from high-density foam and covered with silicone skin.


Zoos, botanical gardens, museums, school education, insect exhibitions, farms, and more.

Power specifications

Universal for 110V and 220V global voltage, maximum power 300 watts, compatible with power plugs worldwide.

Our Animatronic Honeybee models are meticulously crafted with great attention to detail. The fine hairs on the bee’s legs are accurately represented, making them suitable for educational purposes as insect specimens.


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