Lifesize Robotic Raptor Dinosaur Costume

In today’s era, T-Rex and Raptor stand out as the most popular and renowned types of dinosaurs, whether in the realm of animatronic dinosaurs or realistic dinosaur costumes. Recently, a client from Southern California explored my company’s website and decided to order a robotic raptor dinosaur costume (legs uncovered).

The client envisions staging shows in various locations, aiming to astonish the USA with upgraded dinosaur costumes. In support of this innovative idea, I provided the client with the best price for a high-quality costume.

During the construction of the steel frame, some upgrades were implemented on the neck to make it even more realistic, resembling an actual Raptor.

dino modeling

In the painting phase, special attention was given to handling colors. A skilled painter adjusted diverse oil pigments to create stunning and detailed colors. The textures and stripes were meticulously crafted, with each line being handmade. This process required a considerable amount of time to ensure precision, as evident in the patterns on the back and legs.

making Raptor Dinosaur Costume

As the technicians tested the effects in the factory, including synchronized sounds, movements, internal fans, and a camera on the nose, everyone involved was satisfied with the robotic raptor dinosaur costume. Subsequently, the costume was placed on the support steel frame, awaiting delivery.

Robotic Raptor Dinosaur Costume

This careful craftsmanship ensures that the Raptor costume meets the highest standards and is ready to captivate audiences with its lifelike appearance and performance.