Realistic T-Rex Costume with Legs Covered

On September 15, 2023, a client named Raluca from Spain sent me an inquiry and subsequently made several calls. She informed me of her urgent need to purchase a realistic dinosaur costume before November 1. Initially, she was looking for a dinosaur costume with uncovered legs, as this style is quite popular in foreign countries. However, Raluca later decided to order a T-Rex costume with legs covered. I promptly assigned workers to start the manufacturing process, and I am sharing the photos taken during the modeling.

When it came time to paint the T-Rex costume, the client chose colors identical to a model I had previously collaborated on with a client in Chile. The primary color was green and brown, demanding high standards for texture and details. Fortunately, our painters worked diligently to meet these demands, and the finished colors closely matched the previous model. We were all pleased with the result.

Before transportation, I visited the scene and took photos during the performance. It’s important to note that when putting on the legs-covered dinosaur costume, there is limited space to get in. Sometimes, it’s advisable to seek assistance from another person. In fact, this step is necessary as it allows us to test the realism of the dinosaur costume at the same time. Fortunately, there were no issues.

After the performance, I instructed my workers to pack the T-Rex costume with bubble film and then place it into the air case. Currently, my company includes one air case as a giveaway for each dinosaur costume. The T-Rex costume has now arrived in Spain, and Raluca has received it for the events, which were very successful.