Outdoor Playground Walking Animatronic Dinosaurs for Sale

Have you ever seen walking animatronic dinosaurs in the park or witnessed a dinosaur walk in a stage show? I bet you must have felt scared and awed because they seem so real and fierce. However, in reality, those walking dinosaurs are not genuine. They are animated, simulated, and manufactured. Our company is a leading dinosaur manufacturer in China, specializing in the production of walking animatronic dinosaurs.

While there are many dinosaur suppliers, our company is unique in China for producing walking dinosaurs, especially those with only two legs. Our technicians and workers have been engaged in research and development for an extended period, resulting in several successful collaborations with foreign dinoparks, including ones in Chile and South Africa.

From what I know, BBC uses a vehicle to control the walking movement, requiring only one person to operate and drive the vehicle. In contrast, our company has chosen a different approach to control the movement. We have designed a remote operation desk that allows the operator to control the walking dinosaurs’ movements at their will. The operation desk can be placed up to 30 meters away from the walking animatronic dinosaurs. The walking animatronic dinosaurs are powered by hydraulic pressure, ensuring steadier movements and longer maintenance.

We have also upgraded the movements to a new type, incorporating features such as blinking eyes, head movement from left to right and up and down, body movement from left to right and up and down, simulated breathing, tail movement up and down and left and right, and movement of the front arms. All these movements can be adjusted and controlled by the operator.

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