Animatronic Walking Dinosaurs for Outdoor Playground

Have you ever witnessed the mesmerizing sight of walking dinosaurs in a park or experienced the awe-inspiring presence of dinosaurs on stage? It’s a spectacle that might initially evoke fear and excitement. Despite their realistic and fierce appearance, these walking dinosaurs are not real; they are meticulously animated, simulated, and crafted. Our company stands out as a premier dinosaur manufacturer in China, specializing in the creation of animatronic walking dinosaurs.

While there are numerous dinosaur manufacturers, we take pride in being the leading company capable of producing animatronic walking dinosaurs, particularly those with only two legs. Our dedicated team of technicians and workers has been engaged in extensive research and development. We have successfully collaborated on projects with foreign dinoparks, including installations in Chile and South Africa.

Unlike some methods employed, such as the use of vehicles for control (as observed by BBC), our company adopts a different approach. We have designed a remote operation desk that allows operators to control the movements of the walking dinosaurs effortlessly. The operation desk can be positioned up to 30 meters away from the dinosaurs, providing flexibility and convenience. Powered by hydraulic pressure, our animatronic walking dinosaurs exhibit steadier movements and prolonged maintenance.

In our latest upgrade, we’ve incorporated new and dynamic movements, including blinking eyes, lateral and vertical head movements, swaying body motions, lifelike breathing, tail swings in various directions, and articulating front arms. Each of these movements can be finely tuned and controlled by the operator.

Immerse yourself in the wonder of animatronic walking dinosaurs, where every step is a testament to technological innovation and meticulous craftsmanship. Our creations promise an unforgettable outdoor playground experience for children, blending realism with excitement to create a thrilling adventure.