Who is the Overlord of Dinosaurs in the Ocean

In the distant periods of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous, there existed a creature known as “dinosaurs” on both land and in the oceans. In each of these eras, there was a significant figure known as the “overlord,” much like an emperor in ancient times. Today, let’s discuss who the overlord of the “Dinosaur Era” in the ocean might be.

Argument: Who is the Overlord of Dinosaurs in the Ocean.

Today, I’ll provide examples of two viewpoints from dinosaur enthusiasts. Some argue that it is the Tylosaurus. Let’s first examine its “specs”: an adult Tylosaurus can reach a length of around 16 meters and weigh over 11 tons. While these parameters may not be as astonishing as some large land dinosaurs, it’s crucial to remember that we are focusing on marine creatures today. Tylosaurus fossils have been discovered in Kansas, Alabama, and Nebraska.


Tylosaurus (Images sourced from the internet)

Tylosaurus possesses two highly lethal “weapons”: firstly, its long and sharp jaws containing at least 24 cone-shaped teeth. Fossil analysis suggests that its biting force could easily pierce through a steel plate of 5 centimeters thickness! It’s evident that any prey caught in its jaws would be pulverized in an instant. Another weapon is its flat and long tail, which, while not as lethal as its teeth, aids in propelling its body underwater for rapid movements. This significantly enhances its success rate in hunting, allowing it to swiftly dispatch prey.

Others argue that the true overlord of the ocean is the Mosasaurus. This creature is often considered the “top predator in the ocean” in many dinosaur era records. Let’s take a look at the Mosasaurus’s “specs”: an adult Mosasaurus can grow to a length exceeding 17 meters and weigh more than 26 tons, surpassing the Tylosaurus in weight. Considering these tonnages, it’s clear that Mosasaurus outclasses Tylosaurus! If both have 24 teeth, and assuming Tylosaurus’s teeth are 17 centimeters, one can imagine that Mosasaurus’s teeth would be at least 20-30 centimeters.

The Overlord of Dinosaurs in the Ocean

Mosasaurus (Images sourced from the internet))

Which is more formidable, a needle or a large shoemaker’s awl? In terms of biting force, Tylosaurus is clearly outmatched. Judging by the various parameters above, an adult Mosasaurus could handle several adult Tylosauruses. Of course, it’s important to note that they wouldn’t have encountered each other in the underwater realm since they lived in different periods. Mosasaurus lived many years after Tylosaurus. Meeting each other in the same era was an impossibility.

In Conclusion

After comparing these two marine behemoths from the dinosaur era, I believe many of you already have an answer in mind. Declaring Mosasaurus as the ultimate ruler of the dinosaur world is based on theories derived from archaeological research on Mosasaurus fossils.

Due to the vast expanse of history, this cannot be considered conclusive. Perhaps, in the not-so-distant future, we may discover an even more formidable “ruler” from the Mosasaurus era! Today, I shared these thoughts with you. If you have different perspectives, feel free to share them via private message or in the comments section. I will respond to each one, and if there are errors in my statements, please don’t hesitate to point them out, and I’ll diligently learn from them!

Thank you for reading, and feel free to contact me for more discussions and knowledge about the “Dinosaur World.”